Conference & Event Reportage

Conference and Event Filming

As a conference or event draws to a close the planning for the next one has already begun. Invariably promoting the next event draws upon the success of the last one. 

In the past I have recorded entire conferences, every session, which have then been widely distributed enabling the conference to go beyond the room.


What do you do when recording the entire conference is beyond your budget but you want to give people who are not there a flavour of the event. Of course you would encourage people to tweet and share widely through their own social media channels.

There is another dimension you can add through my reportage service.

This service began back in 2008 when I covered the first International Fair Trade Youth Conference at Coventry Cathedral.  I was tasked by the organisers to attend the various events, tweets highlights, take photos. record interviews (audio and video) with participants and speakers and general capture a fell of this ground breaking conference. I had a great time and the conference received good coverage. All media was collated and edited the same day and so there was an immediacy about the coverage and those following the event online were able interact through social media.

I work closely with you before the event to establish a brief.  During the event I will liaise with you regarding coverage and make available to you media to share via your various social media channels.

Bring a conference or event to a wider audience. Contact me now.