Making Your Video Work – Part two

Last month I took you through some Post-It Note pre-production planning. If you missed last months then you can see it here.

Here is part two and the focus is on the content. There are five areas you need to consider when putting the content of your video together

  1. The first 15 seconds
  2. On camera talent or voice over
  3. Content (Testimonials and/or products)
  4. Graphics
  5. CTA and contact details

1. The first fifteen seconds. You need to capture your audiences attention pretty quick these days. This could be done with some snazzy titles or a quick summary of what is coming up. In my opinion this is strategically the most import part of the video and one where, perhaps, you can be a bit more adventurous or risky depending on your point of view.

2. On camera talent or voice over?  Many people are frightened of being in front of a camera. Of course you don’t have to be in front of camera. You could voice it yourself or employ the services of a voiceover artist. If you are showcasing a product a voiceover is a pretty good path to take. If you are the focus of the video, eg a business coach, then you definitely need to be in front of the camera. A good videographer will help you with this and bring out the best in you.

3. Content. How are you going to present your message? Will testimonials feature as a part of your overall message? Do you want to showcase a product or a service? This should be an easier question to answer of you have followed the steps outline in last month’s newsletter.

4. Graphics. You want your video to match any other promotional or publicity material you already have.. Make sure your video professional has all your details regarding fonts, logos, colours and any other graphics.

5. CTA Action and contact details.  Decide which email address you are going to use with the video and any other contact details you want including. Don’t do this as an after thought as changing them can be time consuming and costly. Having an end purpose to your video is really important don’t add it as an after thought.

At Making Video Work I offer services that go beyond production. Services such as transcription, subtitles, SEO, strategy, promotion and research. 

Let’s talk how together we can create great video content and how you can make the most of the content you already have.

email: or call 07973 567824


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