Making Your Video Work – Part One

If you you are thinking of utilising video in 2018 I want to share my PostIt note method for planning your video. Having a clear idea about your video will make filming so much easier and more effective.  So grab a handful of PostIt notes (other sticky piece of paper are available), a spare section of wall and follow these instructions.

Write AUDIENCE on your first PostIt note and stick it on the wall.

Ask yourself. Who do I want to reach?

Attempting to reach as wide an audience as possible will lead to a muddled and unfocused production. At this stage you might identify several distinct audiences. Write them all down. Stick them up and step back  Who is my priority? Put a big tick next to your priority audience. Take the others down and put them somewhere safe.

Write down STYLE on another note and stick it on the wall.

Different stories for different folks. Your primary audience will dictate the style of your message. This is not easy but here is an exercise to help you. On three separate notes write DAILY MIRROR, THE INDEPENDENT, THE TIMES. Put them on the wall and step back. Broadly speaking which newspaper would your audience read. I am not talking about political affiliations here but general style.

Daily Mirror – short snappy sentences.

Independent – considered but with an arty edge. Remember their amazing front pages.

The TImes – weighty and serious. Long sentences.

Try and pick one for general style. It’s not fixed at this point but it will help formulate your message.

Write MESSAGE on a note.

Write down a maximum of three things you want to say. Write each down on a separate note. Stick them up. Stand back, look at them and rate them in order, One being the most important and three the least.  More videos are ruined by a surplus of information than a lack. I am not saying you can’t have multiple messages but for now let’s focus on ONE message. Think Bob Geldorf at Live Aid. He could have said a lot of things but he didn’t. He banged the table and said give us your money. if you decide you can get rid of two of your messages, take them off and put them somewhere safe, you can always return to them in another video.

So now you should have a clear idea of your audience and a broad understanding of the style and message you want convey.  Next time I will use the same method to put the actual content of your video together into some kind of script and storyboard.

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