Long life milk? No, long life video!

A lot of effort goes into making a video.

Even the simplest format requires thought, editing and refining.

In looking at various reports, a high percentage of engagement on social platforms takes place within hours of posting and tapers off shortly after. Here’s a breakdown.

• Twitter content has a half-life of 2.8 hours [via Bitly].

• Facebook posts receive 75%t of total engagement within five hours [via Wisemetrics].

• Pinterest Pins acquire 40% of total clicks within the first day of publication, and 70 percent by the end of day two [via Piqora].

Good video can have a life beyond the initial rush of viewers, likes and subscribers.

Providing the content is still relevant and not out of date, a video can still attract viewers and engagement and add value to your business for years to come.

Data shows that a video will receive 10% of total shares within two days,

50% of shares within the first three weeks,

66% in the first three months.

The remaining 34% is ongoing as more web users discover the video in search, on social, and via email.

Videos can and do date and it would be advisable to remove it or archive it to a playlist of older videos on YouTube. You may want to add to the description that some of the information contained in the video is out of date.

A video is for life, not just for the short term.

So here are four things you should be doing to keep your video content working for you.

  1.  Regularly review your video content on your YouTube Channel and website.

2. Are there videos you can re-use or freshen up?

3. Are there any videos that should be archived or removed? (Particularly on your website)

4. If older videos are still attracting viewers, look through the analytics and      see what you can learn about how your content is performing.


Let’s talk how together we can create great video content and how you can make the most of the content you already have.

email: gordon@makingvideowork.com or call 07973 567824


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