Business and video lessons from Ed Sheeran 


Recently I listened to Ed Sheeran on Desert Island Discs. He is a wonderfully talented singer song writer and performer.

How Ed started

He left home at 16 to come to London and try to make it as a musician. He did the gig circuit sometimes doing 3-4 spots a night. But nothing happened. Dismissed by record companies because in their words “no one wants to listen to a young white ginger kid rapping.”

How Ed prospered

Things changed for him after a trip to Los Angeles. On his return to London he stopped gigging at singer song writer nights but instead went to grime and rap nights.

His reasoning was simple. As a singer/song writer at those writer nights he just didn’t stand out. He looked and sounded like everybody else. At grime and rap night people remembered Ed Sheeran, the white ginger singer/songwriter.  He stood out.

After a lot of hard work, the rest is history.

What I’ve learned from Ed

Clients often come to me and say, “I want a video like this one or that one.” I will often ask them to show me videos they like as it gives me an insight into the kind of style they are after.  Be inspired by others but use the inspiration to go beyond your comfort zone and create something different.

Create video content that stands out from the crowd and reflects you, your brand and your message.

Ed went out of his comfort zone to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Within two months he had a record contract.

How can this help your business video work better for you? 

To simply try and repeat what someone else has done is not going to make you stand out. Be inspired, pay homage in style but try to carve your own niche.

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