Making the most of video on Facebook

When you begin to plan your next video it is important to bear in mind where you intend to host your production. You will probably want to distribute it across a number of social platforms. For most people this means uploading to YouTube and then posting links to the video on different platforms but is this the best strategy?

Facebook has become an increasingly influential for video views, shares and engagement. In late 2015 it was 8 billion views a day. It is clear if you are going to use Facebook for distributing  your video you need a strategy before you start to film. So here are five pointers for more effective Facebook video.

1.Shorter is better.  The average length for a Facebook video is around 80 seconds and the first 10-15 seconds are probably crucial in engaging your audience.

2. Get your message up front. People scroll through their newsfeed so you only have a few seconds to capture their attention. No lengthy intro screens, just something to grab their attention. Research has shown the importance of the first few seconds of your Facebook video.

3. It pains me to say this but, as far as Facebook video is concerned, silence is golden. Up to 90% of Facebook users watch without sound. So subtitles are important, but make sure they work well for mobile. Look for visually arresting images. Don’t dispense with sound altogether and still work to have a hight quality soundtrack as this sets the context of any video.

4. Upload natively to Facebook. Uploading your video directly to Facebook rather than lining to a YouTube video has been proven to get better reach and better engagement. Facebook publishes their own guidelines for uploading video to their site.

5. Call to action. As true for Facebook as it is for any video site.  Tell your users what you want them to do after this video: Like? Share? Comment? Click through to a landing page?

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